Game Basics

If you are playing Counter-Strike Online 2 for the first time, it might look intimidating compared to the more direct menus in other Counter-Strike games, not to mention the possible language barrier.

The Game Basics page walks you through the core aspects of the game. For a detailed walkthrough of every feature in the game, check out the User Interface guide.

This is where you manage your loadout, change weapon skins, main character(s) and costumes. These are separated by categories; Weapons > Pistols/ Shotguns/ Rifles and so forth.

Inventory Skins

Skin qualities are ranked by grades. Naturally, the lowest-grade spray skins are categorized as C-grades, camouflage-style as B-grades, textured finishes as A-grades, and naturally gold skins bear the S-grades. They are solely for cosmetic purposes and therefore do not affect gameplay in any way. What to do with the low-grade skins though? Combine them.

You are also able to configure the three available loadouts for Team Deathmatch/ Deathmatch through the Inventory. Rather than manually setting the next weapons to respawn with, pressing the F1, F2 and F3 keys respectively automatically equips your character with the pre-defined loadout until the game ends.

Loadout Change

Menu Screen

Joining games have never been simpler. Simply click on the large font (QUICK JOIN) and the game modes selection appears.
Games selection

The Heads Up Display (HUD) is simple and straightforward; your health, armor gauge and character used on the bottom-left, the minimap on the top-left, the player and team wins counter on top and current loadout on the bottom-right.

Teammates by default are identified by their health bar and username above their characters, which could be disabled through the “V” key. 
Game HUD

Collect rewards

During events which happen frequently, players are able to enjoy freebies such as cases, costumes and in-game tokens.

While some require playing specific game modes, many simply involve accumulating game time for 30 minutes on a daily basis, as displayed above.

Fortune boxes like these house special goodies inside. If you’re interested in rare skins and characters, don’t miss out on giveaway events.

You might never know what’s waiting for you, such as this awesome AWM Gauss!
AWM Gauss Unboxing

NOTICE: Unlike Counter-Strike Online, developer console is disabled in Counter-Strike Online 2.

Just like in Counter-Strike Source, basic system settings are adjustable to a certain extent.

Other tabs handle the mapping of keys, mouse sensitivity and so forth.

System settings