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Player versus Player (PVP) features custom game mode made popular by the Counter-Strike community.

Each one has a set of standard rules and most, if not all modes do not belong in the Competitive scene.

Zombie Mode

Players are divided into two teams; zombies and humans. During the start of each round, a few individuals are randomly infected after a 30-seconds countdown. Humans then have to survive the outbreak for a period of time while the zombies try to infect all of them.

This is the vanilla zombie mode.

Zombie House

A variation of the classic zombie mode, human survivors start with a 90-seconds countdown to make use of props in order to build a line of defence against zombies. Players carry props by pressing on the "E" key and using the pipe wrench provided to "harden" the objects. After the countdown, random individuals become zombies.

The zombies must infect the humans by destroying the barricades or line of defence built from the props to win.

Hide and Seek

Popularly known as Prop Hunt, a team of players will be chosen to props and have to hide from the hunters. Everyone on the props team are able to choose between two/ three random choices (vary greatly in size) and optionally, spend 1000 points to draw a new selection of props.

Props must blend themselves into the background and/ or escape the hunters to survive the round. Both hunters and props can take fall damage.

Players spectating on the props team are able to thumbs up surviving ones by pressing on the "T" key. Each spectator can only vote once per round. Every "living" survivor has a maximum of 10 thumbs up.

Thumbs Up Tabom


Once per round, objects change their forms during the 20-second countdown before the second minute.

Meanwhile to prevent weapon spamming, humans lose health points each time they attack.

Only when 30 seconds remain before a round ends, all humans' weapons are automatically switched to the M249 and they enjoy a speed boost. In addition, their health does not decrease.


Same Original/ Classic rules apply, except that all Terrorists are semi-invisible, only becoming fully invisible when stationary. They run much faster, have more health points and are limited to knives and grenades. A knife stab also is a one-hit kill. As a trade off, they emit loud heartbeats to signify their presence.

Counter-Terrorists have access to all weapons with the exception of machine guns to prevent spamming.


Vanilla zombie mode on steroids by incorporating DNA "upgrades" to both human and zombie factions. While the same rules apply, each human fills up the DNA bar by dealing damage to zombies. Meanwhile, the zombies have to receive damage from humans to fill up theirs.

Whenever the bar is filled, a DNA point is awarded which is used to unlock a random ability, such as increased footspeed and increased firepower.

Hide and Seek 2

A sequel to the first Hide and Seek, with a massive overhaul in game mechanics:


  1. When round begins, the props teams could choose which one to transform into and each one has its own powerup.
  2. Occasionally, there are hunter "props". They act as decoys and can't deal damage.
  3. Props' hitboxes and health points are now aligned to sizes. For instance, a dumpster would not be able to squeeze under a car, but a plush snake would. As a tradeoff, the dumpster has more HP than the snake.
  4. During the 1:45 mark, props are given 20 seconds to change forms.



  1. When round begins, hunters are able to see props.
  2. Hunters are only allowed to purchase different shotguns.
  3. Every shot deducts 10HP if it doesn't hit a prop. Successfully damaging a prop or killing it restores a certain amount of health.
  4. Successfully killing several props provides all Hunters a Smoke Grenade to flush out the remaining ones. This process is repeatable.
  5. During the 40-seconds countdown, all hunters have increased footspeed and rate of fire. In addition, they do not take damage from firing.

Hide and seek 2 Hunters


Experience battle royale with zombies. Check out the Introducing Z-City page to find out more!

Play Zone Mode

Play Zone is a "sandbox" which involves minigames such as knife battles, rope skipping and air surfing without any real objectives present. The recent revision allows players to broadcast their unboxings to the rest via a giant display.

All kills, assists and deaths do not count towards the player's stats.

The game ends once the 60-minutes timer reaches zero.

Play Zone