Counter-Strike Online 2 spawned off the success of Counter-Strike Online, which took roughly 4 years.


During the early beta releases, Counter-Strike Online 2 used sounds from Counter-Strike: Source. Later on, they were replaced with in-house recordings (Nexon).


Only the Chinese version features all radio commands (and announcements) in English, unlike other versions with localized translations.


Contrary to popular belief, all default weapons from Counter-Strike: Source are unlockable without spending a single cent.


Valve allows Nexon to use its Counter-Strike title because both companies partnered during the development of Counter-Strike Online way back in 2007.


Meanwhile the Taiwanese version of Counter-Strike Online 2 is the only one to feature multi-lingual radio commands that differ by characters.


Counter-Strike Online 2 runs on Source 2013 engine which also powers Counter-Strike: Source.


In the beta, the M4A1 rifle had an EO Tech sight mounted. It was later released as a Special variant in limited quantities.


YouTubers Korean Englishman (Josh and Ollie) were featured as face masks and sprays for the 2017 Christmas update.


The female sniper shown in several trailers is Mila, a playable character.


At one point, Nexon Korea blocked foreign players from accessing their game (CSO2 Korea) for unknown reasons.


While chickens were not present in Counter-Strike: Source, Counter-Strike Online 2 has them. Winner winner, chicken dinner!


The location in the official trailer where the battle between GIGN and the Terrorists took place was inside the Guggenheim Museum, New York.


SpawN, a former Swedish Counter-Strike competitive player was once involved in the Closed Beta Test (CBT) of Counter-Strike Online 2.


ANGRYPUG, a famous Twitch streamer briefly promoted Counter-Strike Online 2 during the Taipei Game Show 2016. He originated the "TAIWAN #1" meme which went viral.