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Ryan’s father was one of the squad members led by Bob Curry, effectively ending the 1980 Iranian Embassy siege. A risky yet thankless endeavour, Ryan hoped to not end up like his parent.

Unfortunately, a tragic accident saw the death of his father. From there, he dedicated his life to join the armed force.


A young lad, Jean Pierre was already involved in solving a hijacking case in his police department. With his charming personality, he was elected as the leader in handling the operations. ​

However, his wife died in an accident, leaving him depressed and to quit his post. 10 years later, he received the intel that it wasn’t an accident but was planned by the terrorists. That’s when he decided to make a return.


Serving in the GSG-9 (Grenzschutzgruppe 9), Viktor hails from a prominent military family. With his relentless courage and spirit of assault, he’s highly admired by his comrades.

Contrary to his ferocious demeanor, Viktor is no stranger to humor.

Choi Ji Yoon

Choi is a member of an intelligence bureau. She was on a mission to obtain the confidential documents about the Asia Red Army (ARA) but her mission was thwarted by another agent and had to flee.

She joined the Counter-Terrorists in hopes that one day she could get her hands on the documents again.​


She has been recruited by the Navy SEALs since she was 17. After graduating, she immediately joined the Elite Force team. With her excellent breaching skills, Lisa has always been appointed to undertake dangerous missions such as infiltration into enemy bases.​​


Having previously worked with Marie in another police station, Michael has been provoked by his teammates’ ruthless eye stares. He finds it senseless that investigation approaches from his department often leave innocent witnesses to become prisoners.

He has been involved in an accident while pursuing​ criminals in an armored vehicle theft.​​


A former CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) deputy director, he lost his wife and daughter during the infamous 9-11 terrorist bombings. Fuelled with revenge, he vowed to annihilate the terrorists around the world but the organization deemed this to be too dangerous and quickly dismissed him of his post. Later on, he was invited to be resume his tasks in CTU.

To this day, he had never skipped bringing flowers to his wife’s and daughter’s grave everyday.


As a commander of the 707th Special Mission Battalion, Kim Dae-Ho is known after a successful performance in an international rescue mission to bring back the Korean hostages from the Middle East. Dispatched by Lincoln, he became a member of the anti-terrorist coalition operations.

As a soldier of the Republic of Korea’s army, he is the best, and called the “Black Tiger”. Currently, he’s taking up English lessons to be a global CT agent.​​


As a high school graduate, she decided to join the police force earning the nickname of “Small nuclear homicider”. She used to work in the same police station with Michael until he was transferred to the Counter-Terrorist Unit(CTU). ​

As Marie developed a crush on Michael, she decided to join the same unit as him.

Thunder Squad

An amphibious reconnaissance battalion leader, Kwan aspired to follow his father’s footsteps of becoming part of the Thunder Squad.​ ​ Born with a strong mindset and willpower, he joined the force and spent his days training on both land and sea to achieve his vision.

Now, he’s ready to take on any faction that poses a threat to his country.


She’s the heiress of the British aristocracy and the only daughter of Sir William, with numerous achievements such as being the youngest Oxford University graduate, an​ Olympic gold medalist in clay pigeon shooting. ​

Currently, Emma takes on the job as a National Geographic explorer in order to provide relief to the refugees in Middle East and Africa after witnessing the scene of deplorable refugee camp conditions, while providing informal assistance to operations carried out by the CTU.


Working in the CTU think tank, Carrie provides consultations services on securities. ​While she has the prowess of car racing, she possesses a PhD and a Doctorate too.

As an orphan, she lost her sister to the acts of terrorism.


Heather is the youngest unofficial Admiral of the French Navy. All personal information about her and her past remains secret. She also leads a fleet in military secrecy. It is known that the collaboration of Britain and France is developed by an unmanned-ship captain with the voice of Sirens.

She performs the joint maritime operations in the CTU, with the mission to detect the ‘Black Dragon’.


Miyu is one of the world’s most famous Korean idol singer, adored by millions of fans abroad. Recently, she has been under the CTU’s protection after becoming a high-valued target of terrorist organizations.


Part of the special member of the Spetsnaz Alpha Group, Helga is the only female member who has passed the rigorous tests, demonstrating her outstanding ability to perform under pressure in counter-terrorism operations.

Special Assault Team

A new recruit of the Japan’s SAT who is determined to combat crime and terrorism. Kenji’s achievements have made him known as Japan’s first CTU member to intervene directly in international counter-terrorism operations.

Additionally, he is fluent in seven languages ​​whilst studying degree in law at a Tokyo University.