Black Market

The Black Market is a “secret” feature introduced in Counter-Strike Online 2  serving as an alternate source of cash items. Karachenko, a broker in an arms smuggling business for the Terrorist organizations oversees the whole operation.

Due to its nature, the Black Market tends to appear briefly from time to time. Find out more on this unique feature below.


NOTICE: The Black Market is a limited-time shop, opening at random intervals. The moment it is available, players access it by clicking on the timer located near the top-right of the screen, or the third tab through the Shop. 

Black Market Browsing

Only 6 items are displayed per listing at a time. If the player decides to further browse new items, he or she has a choice to utilize a cycle listing item.

This imposes a small cash fee upon each usage. Only a maximum of 5 cycles are usable each time the Black Market opens. 

Limited-edition items such as the golden AK/ M4A1 have a shiny glow coursing through them.

In addition, there are no limits to purchases and the player is able to gift the items to other players.





Items in the black market are mainly of high rarity, such as golden weapons, costumes, cases and to a certain extent, discontinued items. Most listings, if not all are discounted and do not expire.

Browsing Black Market


Access to the Black Market is limited to 15 minutes per appearance. Once the timer reaches zero, the market automatically closes until it reopens at an unspecified future time.