The Gallery is a small collection of in-game footage, map screenshots and downloadable soundtracks of Counter-Strike Online 2.

Fighting a reptilian zombie boss. 

A one-shot-one-kill sniper rifle that pulverizes flesh.

Reviewing a pump-action double-barreled shotgun and a double-barreled rifle.

A hammer which turns enemies into golden poo.

High-resolution screenshots of Dust2, Inferno, Vertigo, Cobblestone, Toscana (Tuscan), Italy, Estate, Train and Nuke maps.

Dust 2 Screen 1Dust 2 Screen 2Dust 2 Screen 3

Inferno Screen 1Inferno Screen 2Inferno Screen 3Vertigo screenCobblestone Screen 2Cobblestone Screen 1

Tuscan Screen 2Tuscan Screen 1Italy Screen 2Italy Screen 1Estate Screen 2Estate Screen 1Train Screen 1Nuke Screen 1Nuke Screen 2