Daily challenges are one of the ways to quickly amass game points and other freebies within the shortest time possible. Players are only required to take down the enemies pictured while staying alive. All arsenals are usable, as well as powerups. 

In all challenges, the player spawns in a huge map with the main enemy appearing (accompanied by continuously respawning zombies). Successfully completing the challenges award points, green weapon boxes, sentry guns, silver and gold nuggets, health packs and combination booster cards.

NOTE: Each challenge is accessible twice on a daily basis, regardless of the outcome (successes, fails or disconnections).

Challenge 1

First, upgrade the damage and health to 30 and 9 points respectively. You are free to change the numbers, but prioritizing damage is recommended.

Challenge 1 Step 1

If you have the sentry gun deployment ability, place it on this container. While this step is optional, it serves well in distracting both the tank-like creatures and the zombies for a while.

Challenge 1 Step 2

Once they appear, circlestrafe while firing away. If you’re using a sniper rifle, standing still before firing is important to ensure every shot registers.

The creatures must be “killed” five times before you successfully complete the challenge.

Challenge 1 Step 3

Challenge 2

While you are free to change the numbers, prioritizing damage is highly advisable. Suggested values for damage and health are 30 and 9 points respectively.

Challenge 2 Step 1

Just like in Challenge 1, deploying a sentry gun is optional but doing so distracts the boss and zombies for a while until either one destroys it.

As this boss’ attacks have some windup time, circle-strafing helps minimize the damage taken from its pound and swipe attacks.

Depending on versions, this creature periodically releases flames that slow you down so keep a safe distance. Even if you are running away, it can jump from across the map to crush you.

The head is its weakness so  strike when it finishes attacking and recovering.

The creature at this point is briefly stationary, allowing you to deal as much damage in one shot. Rinse and repeat.

Challenge 2 Step 2

Once its HP reaches 30%, it starts removing its helmet which lasts for around 10 seconds and cannot take damage.

Take this opportunity to quickly recover any lost HP through the health dispenser on the map.

Challenge 3

Using a sniper rifle is advisable to save time due to the boss’ massive health points.

Just like the previous challenges, focus more on damage than health.

Challenge 3 Step 1

Quickly run to the light structure and climb to the top by crouch jumping.

Challenge 3 Step 2

Unlike the first two challenges, deploying a sentry gun makes things easier because you would be deploying it in a strategic position, which prevents the zombies from attacking you.

Challenge 3 Step 3

Once the cutscene ends, climb up the light structure again and fire away at the boss’ weakness; its head. If you’re using the Barrett M99, it drains ~3% of its health per shot.

Challenge 3 Step 4

The M99 is quite powerful, that it disrupts the boss’ ability to counter-attack. The moment it starts shielding its head, aim at the gap between its arms as its head is still exposed.

Just keep shooting, and it will keep defending itself without resorting to any attacks.

Challenge 3 Step 5