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Casual includes the de facto game modes in most, if not all Counter-Strike games.

Two modes, namely Classic and Team Deathmatch are featured in Competitive matchmaking.

Original Classic

The core game mode in the Counter-Strike series. Objectives are straightforward with only two straightforward scenarios; bomb defusal or hostage rescue with the standard rules.

For bomb defusals, the Terrorists have to successfully destroy a bomb site with a planted explosive or kill all Counter-terrorists within the time limit. In hostage rescue scenarios, the Counter-Terrorists must escort all hostages to the rescue zone or kill all Terrorists within the time limit.

PRACTICEPractice Training

Alternatively known as Personal Training, the player trains his/ her own skills and reflexes with every weapon available (in respective inventory). The bots difficulty are adjustable from Easy (no attack) to Difficult (attack the player).

There is no time limit during practice. Once the player quits, the end result displays statistics (weapon accuracy, headshot percentage, etc...) from the game.

Team Deathmatch

Both teams compete to attain the highest number of points set. Each enemy killed yields 1 point to the attacking team. By default, no weapon limitations are set and individuals killed respawn in 5 seconds. Each player has access to the three quick loadouts before respawning.

Game ends when either team reaches the score limit or have more points than the other when the timer reaches zero.


Free-for-all. Everyone kills one another to attain the highest score. This mode has continuous respawns and does not stop until the highest score is achieved by an individual.

During the final 1-minute countdown, sudden death occurs whereby all individuals' health points are reduced to 1.

Arms Race

Arms Race follows the Team Deathmatch style of gameplay, except individuals are provided random weapons upon leveling up. Whenever a player spawns, the health points are scaled (increased/ decreased) according to gap between the player's and the leader's (top player) level. For example, a player that spawns at level 1 would have a maximum of 540 health points when the leader is at level 25.

3 stars are needed to "upgrade" the level, which are attained from kills (2 stars each) and assists (1 star each) and 25 being the highest level. Getting killed by a melee weapon results in a level/ weapon "downgrade". Melee attacks immediately promotes the attacker to the next level.

Arms Race Last
Having finally reaching level 25, the individual that successfully kills two enemies with the melee wins for the team.