The Combination System in Counter-Strike Online 2 enables players to craft a huge selection of different weapon skins, weapons and other contents, including hidden ones.


The Combination is a system by itself which allows players to craft and decompose weapons, costumes and characters.

It comprises two sections; Preset Combination (lists down known combinations) and Customized Combination (player self-manages the combinations).

Custom Preset

As Counter-Strike Online 2 offers skin grades ranging from C (lowest) all the way to SS+ (highest), upgrading skin finishes require a maximum of 5 skins of the same type (e.g. pistols) to increase the chances of success.

The image below displays combining two SS-grade rifles to fabricate a much more powerful one.

Grade-A skins feature animal finishes on them, so here’s a KRISS Super V (Kriss Vector) sporting a puma design in-game. 

Kriss V Puma

In addition, a handful of “hidden” weapons are craftable as a result of combining several skin comprising different finishes via the Customized Combinations tab. You have to either find out yourself or seek assistance from those who have discovered them.

The HK MK23, which is neither sold nor found elsewhere is discovered through the fusion below. Unlike the usual combination, hidden weapons have 100% chance of success rate:

Clan-exclusive weapons
on the other hand, are only available to players that have joined clans. By completing clan missions, they receive clan reward boxes which unlock blueprints to craft different sets of weapons.

SVD fabricate

Meanwhile, the Combination feature isn’t just limited to weapon fabrications. Certain event items allow different craft results; goodie bags, characters or weapon cases!

Experimenting with different combinations unlocks more blueprints on the Preset Combination tab, which displays a blueprint icon whenever the processes succeed or not.

Unlocking blueprint


Decomposition, on the other hand breaks down duplicated items and weapons from the inventory. Which you collect by playing the game over time.

This feature is accessible via the Customized Combination tab and the “Black Dragon” contract, sold in game points is required before proceeding.

A “Black Dragon” contract only supports one item at a time, illustrated below. Cash items are generally compensated with mileage points.

Decomposing a weapon

The mileage points entitles players to redeem exclusive weapons, costumes and more from the Mileage Points shop. Time to buy the gold Colt Anaconda! What are you waiting for?

Mileage Shop